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It's been quite a while since I've updated anything on this site! I guess I just haven't had the time to devote to it like I used to. Unfortunately, I have no new updates or any new 8tracks. Lately, It's been slim pickin's for 8tracks, so I haven't been too motivated. I'll see if I can use my friend's scanner and put up some scanned 8tracks...but please be patient, I'll try to get them up as soon as I am able. Back in March I changed my policy about selling 8-tracks and have them available on a "Trade Only" basis for the time being. The reason I have done this is because too many folks were wanting to purchase 8tracks to be used as invitations for a 70's themed party or to be used as a gag gift for someone's birthday. I really had a hard time parting with an 8track for it to be only used as a gag. It totally went against why I collect 8-tracks in the first place...which is to preserve the format! I may change my policy in the future, but not too soon. For the most part, I haven't had a huge outcry of folks who are upset by my new policy, so for now, it stays.

Recently, someone named "Cassidy" signed my guestbook and told me "GET OUT OF THE PAST LADY!!! IT'S 2003 AND YOU TALKIN ABOUT THE 7O'S. HIPPY!!!!!!!!! I HATE THE 7O'S!!!". If they hate the 70's so much, why were they checking out a web site about 8-tracks? Also, what's with all the hostility?!! "Cassidy" didn't even have the nerve to leave a valid email address so that I could respond to their rants. Oh well, I guess people suck!


I recently went to see a show, at a place called the Painted Bride, called "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", it was awesome! Apparently there is also a film of the same title based on this show. What does this have to do with 8-tracks? NOTHING!!! IT WAS A GREAT SHOW AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE WHO LOVES MUSIC! The songs were awesome and the band "The angry Inch" (who were actually these guys from New York called GOD The Band) were terrific. If this show ever comes to your area I would highly recommend it. I haven't seen the film yet, but I plan to check it out soon.


I recently went to a place called "Zern's". It's this giant farmer's market that has a lot of Pennsylvania Dutch stuff. Behind the farmer's market there are flea market stands set up outside. Here I was hoping to score some decent 8-tracks, but alas, it was not meant to be.

It was pretty hot outside and like any farmer's market, there was no air conditioning, just a couple of big industrial size fans blowing a lot of hot air around. We had spend several hours there and not one 8 track in sight! By the end of the day I was feeling pretty grimy and exhausted. Bob wanted to stop in this one stereo/computer/junk store. I opted to wait outside until Bob yelled that they had 8-tracks, so immediately, I went into the store to see what they had, which wasn't much. There were a couple of shoeboxes filled with 8-tracks, most of them in poor condition. Quite a few of them had pinch rollers that had melted to the bottom of the box. I did find one decent 8-track that had not melted yet. It was the Joey Heatherton Album, which I could not pass up. The guy wanted $2.00 for it and apparently I couldn't talk him down, so I paid my $2.00 and took it home.

Finally, I'll get to hear Joey! But when I put the tape in the player, no sound came out! When I pulled out the tape I noticed that the tape is in backwards in the cassette! I've had this happen to me several times! I guess I should have looked more closely! I usually look to see if it looks playable, but I didn't even look at the tape itself. I am afraid to open it because the last time I opened up a tape, it turned out to be an awful mess that ended up in the trash. I'll see if I can get someone to fix it for me, for I do not have the patience for it. Oh well, I guess that's all for now.


Howdee folks! I just wanted to let y'all know that I got myself some new 8-tracks courtesy of my boyfriend Bob. He was recently in Columbus, OH and was kind enough to find some 8tracks for me! He picked me up the following: Saturday Night Fever (Original Movie Soundtrack) I already happen to have this, but it's good to have a backup. Pink Floyd - The Wall (Sweet!), AC/DC - Back in Black (This brings me back to highschool!), Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy and Jesus Christ Superstar - A Rock Opera. Ok I'm done gloating!


Man, it's been a while since I wrote anything new in this section! I've been a total slacker! Well, I just wanted to let y'all know that I've put up some new 8-tracks up for sale or trade. It's mostly easy listening, such as Lawrence Welk, Guy Lombardo, Engelbert Humperdinck etc. . . but there's also the Oak Ridge Boys, Woo Hoo!


I am sure that everyone is devastated by the events that have occurred yesterday. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by this horrible tragedy.


Hello Everyone! Well, as you can see, I made some changes to the opening page to my site. I got rid of those red buttons and replaced them with little panasonic icons. If it looks too busy, let me know! I can always change it. As usual, I am constantly changing the color or the text on my page. I haven't been pleased with the yellow gold color I used previously so I've switched it to fuschia (I hope I spelled that correctly). I've also acquired some new 8-tracks that I have posted on my list for sale or trade, please check it out. It's mostly Irish music, but who doesn't like Irish music?!! Eventually I'll get a cheap scanner or a digital camera and actually post some pictures of some of my favorite 8-tracks. I also have the 8-track graveyard page in the works to pay tribute to those 8-tracks who have moved on to a better place, at least until I can get someone to fix them! I hope to have this page up within the next two weeks, so I'll keep you posted. I've also signed up with coollist which is sort of like listbot where I can e-mail you when I have made updates to the site or have some great ebay auctions going on. Once I've figured out how it works, I'll invite people to join! Until then, hope everyone is staying cool during the heatwave!


I finally finished my page on disco movies. To check it out, go to my disco page then click on carwash and it will take you to my disco movie page with pictures and reviews of each of the movies. If you can think of any disco movies that I did not include on my list, send me an e-mail. Thanks!


Hey Folks, thanks for checking out this page! Just want to keep y'all informed about things to come. As you all know, I am constantly updating my site and playing around with javascript like there was no tommorow...this is how I teach myself how to use this stuff. If things get a little crazy with my pages, please let me know.

I recently made a flash movie using 8-track graphics that I had uploaded. Once I figure out how to publish it on my page, I'll let you know. If anyone out there knows how to publish flash movies, please let me know!

I'm currently working on another page for my petsitting business, so anyone in the Philadelphia area who has a pet that needs looking after while you're on vacation, I'm your girl. I am a Veterinary Technician who is trained to give medications, subcutaneous fluids and insulin injections. I'll also walk your dog, play with your cat and clean it's litter box and feed your pet as well as take in the mail and water your plants. I hope to have a link posted real soon. Can't hurt to put in a little plug for the business!

I recently posted a picture of my dog Aspen, check out how cute he is! Aspen's Page!

Well I guess that's it for now.

Take Care,